Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date, Features, Specs, Rumors

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to launch accompanying iPhone 13 in the coming weeks. If you are avidly waiting to know more about it here is everything we know about the new Apple watch series 7 so far. It could get the display flatter, the battery bigger, and the addition of extra health features.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date, Features, Specs, Rumors

The new watch series 7 will run Apple’s WatchOS 8 which promo was performed during Apple’s developer conference held in June. It is assumed to get a smaller chipset named S7 which leaves more space for a bigger battery. Speaking of which was just a brief intro, we have more specifics to share with you. So let’s get into the theme.

Apple Watch Series 7 Features and Specs

The upcoming brand new watch is expected to get some design changes such as a flatter display, flatter edges, and minimal bezels. Some leaks also suggest that it will be offered in larger 41mm and 45mm sizes. When you compare it with the predecessor they are offered in 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Apple Watch Series 7 Features and Specs

In order to bring the display of the watch closer to the front cover, Apple has been tested with thinner display borders and a brand new lamination technique. On that account, the watch could be a bit thicker than its predecessor. Furthermore, it will get an updated ultra-wideband functionality just similar to what you have seen on the Apple Air Tag.

It will feature an advanced sensor that enables the device to unveil health tracking features. When it comes to the battery segment it will feature a larger one than the previous model. It will be using a smaller S7 chip which makes frees up space for a bigger battery. Users can expect a battery upgrade hence better battery life is guaranteed.

Apple Watch Series 7 Colors

Apple Watch Series 7 Leaked Colors

You can expect the Apple Watch 7 comes in colors such as Red, Blue, Black, and Silver. In addition to these a new sage green color is also part of the latest leaks. Series 6 comes in colors such as Gray, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue (aluminum), Gold, Silver, and Graphite (steel), Titanium, and Black (titanium).

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

The next-generation Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive in the scheduled September 14th, 2021 event along with iPhone 13. Apple users worldwide are waiting for that day and the month of September is special for them since there is the arrival of multiple products.

Although it’s really getting nearer to the expected launch date a report from Nikkei Asia proposes that the watch could be delayed due to manufacturing hassle. The main reasons for this delay are the watch’s complex design and incorporation of blood pressure monitoring. As a result, the production has been temporarily halted as Apple and their suppliers are trying to sort out the issues and further certify the designs before starting their mass production.

However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman insists that the new health feature will be added to the upcoming Apple watch and no chance to discard the same.

Apple Watch Series 7 Price

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 reveal a few changes mostly in the design segment and the company has been quite consistent with the price. Apple watch series 6 retails at $399 and we don’t see any major hardware upgrade or new features on the successor for a sudden hike of price hence the upcoming Apple watch series 7 will be priced uniformly.

Keep an eye on the Apple Watch Series 7

So now you know everything about the upcoming Apple watch series 7 counting the rumors. Are you excited about an upgrade from Series 6? You just have to keep calm until a few days and the brand new Series 7 is all yours. Do comment on your picks and let us know how exhilarated you are!

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