autostart a program in windows 11

Recently we got a question from our community-“How do I make a program autostart on startup?”. Windows 11 has a good feature to autostart a program after logging in to your Windows 11. This feature really helps you guys to save time and can enter into your business without any delay. This article deals with the methods to autostart a program in Windows 11.

Also, sometimes you might have encountered autostarting of some apps or programs without your intention. So this article also helps you to disable any autostart programs and can be free from this annoyance.

So you can manually set the autostart feature with the two easiest methods and can also disable some autostarting programs from the list so effectively though the apps function in autostart mode without your knowledge.

How to Autostart a Program in Windows 11

At first, you need to get the details of your preferred program. For that, you do the things that we mention down. Here we are taking an example of Chrome autostart. By this, you can understand to carry out the procedure for your favorite program

  • On the desktop, right-click on the Chrome icon.autostart google chrome
  • From there, click on properties. After that, a dialogue box will be opened.autostart programs in windows 11
  • Copy the path in the target.
  • it may be as follows

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

  • Now on the keyboard, use the shortcut keys Windows +R to open the Run and type shell:startup, then click ok.autostart in windows 11
  • In the next display, you see the folder of the startup. Now right click on the mouse and navigate to New. Then click on Shortcut.autostart on startup in windows 11
  • Under “Type the location of the item” paste the copied path in the given field. enable autostart in windows 11


  • Click on Next and click ok after that with your confirmed shortcut startup in windows 11

You can also do this using the startup tab in the task manager. So it will be explained in the next section given below.

How to Disable Autostart of a Program in Windows 11

As we have mentioned the annoyance of some programs that starts right after the login to Windows 11 without any command you give. You can directly see which are the apps or programs are ready to autostart. There you can clear unwanted autostart features in the given area.

  • Click the search button in the taskbar.autostart in windows 11
  • Enter Task manager. Click on the task manager from the suggestions.
  • Click on more details. Here at the Startup tab, you can see the apps or programs having autostarted mode.

task manager in windows 11

  • Right-click on the program, select disable or you can directly disable after clicking on the disable button.task manager startup
  • From this screen, you can turn on or off autostart mode anytime without any delay.
  • After restarting your PC, you can find the absence of autostart programs.

Finally Enabled Autostart Feature!

We expect you tried to enable the autostart or disable the autostart of any programs using two methods. This feature really takes you to your action directly that is preferably selected and no more time to waste next after the login to your Windows 11 PC. One thing is needed to remind you that you just need to restart the computer after enabling or setting the feauture. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this topic, free feel to ask us.

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