10 Best Audiobook Apps in 2022 for Android and iOS

Bring your favorite stories to your earbuds with the best audiobook apps.

10 best audiobook apps of 2022

Audiobooks are trending these days, and with the best audiobook apps, you’ll never get bored of not having a good book with you. You can listen to your favorite stories anytime while you travel, drive, or walk in a park. All you need is a smartphone and a good pair of earbuds.

If you are looking for the best audiobook players for Android devices and iPhones, we’ve got you covered with a sizeable list of free audiobook apps and paid ones with a premium subscription that you’ve to choose from. So get ready to unwind yourself and enjoy your favorite recording of a book right after picking one of these best audiobook readers to give it a try.


The Best Audiobook Apps for Android & iOS

1. Audible

With over 400,000 titles in its library, Audible remains the world’s most popular audiobook platform. Its voice audiobook player provides a broad spectrum of playback features such as chapter navigation, adjustable playback speed, unlimited bookmarks, background playback, etc., to name a few. It also supports audiobook download so that you can do offline listening to your favorite books any time you want.

The Audible app is available for Android, iOS, and Amazon devices like Kindle, Tap, Echo, and Echo Dot. The overall usage of the application is straightforward, and you just log in, purchase audiobooks, and listen to them. It’s easy as pie!

Moreover, you can stream audiobooks and even download them directly on your computer from the Audible website. Now, what are you waiting for? Just hop on to the website and start your free trial today itself!

Download Audible Audiobook App: Android | iOS

2. Audiobooks

Audiobooks is a cloud-based audiobooks app that is equally good as Audible. Audiobooks offer over 300,000 titles, almost guaranteeing you’ll find the books you always wanted to listen to. You can browse books by genre and discover what other people are listening to.

Audiobook lets you enjoy daily audio news updates from popular news sources across the globe, listen to audio magazines, meditation, sleep, and relaxation audios, audio interview, summaries of books, and other popular discussions.

It comes with a free sign-up option for its users, and they also offer the first three audiobooks entirely for free.

Download AudiobooksAndroid | iOS

3. Spotify

If you are looking for the best free audiobook app, this is the one for you!

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform that provides an extensive collection of audiobooks. Its audiobook library consists of various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, biography, fantasy, etc. Whether you are a kid, teenager, or adult, Spotify’s audiobooks can serve you well.

And the exciting thing about Spotify is that you can access these audiobooks free of cost. You won’t require any subscription or paid memberships to enjoy the books. But it comes with advertisements if you use it for free. However, you can switch to the premium subscription with a 30-day free trial for an ad-free experience if you wish.

Download SpotifyAndroid | iOS

4. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is one of the best talking book apps you can use on your Android device, iPhones, and computers. Play Books’ audio player controls offer playback features like scrolling along the timeline, switching chapters, variable playback speed, and a snooze timer.

The app doesn’t come with a monthly subscription like other apps on the list. It shows you a free preview of the bestselling audiobooks, and you can purchase them if you want. You will be able to access the DRM free audiobooks on your device and account anytime you want to listen.

Download Google Play BooksAndroid | iOS

5. Realm

Realm (formerly known as Serial Box) is another excellent application for audiobooks that is free to download and use. Audiobook listeners can enjoy curated shows, narrations, and books of best-selling authors with immersive sound effects and other customization.

It offers stories of fantasy, sci-fi, drama, fiction, non-fiction, and comic books in bite-sized chunks to suit your break times. With its premium subscription, you’ll be able to remove ads, unlock exclusive deals, and unlimited playback.

Download Realm appAndroid | iOS

6. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is one of the significant alternatives to Amazon’s Audible and Google Play Books. The app functions much similar to the Amazon Kindle app, and it provides a rich library of ebooks and audiobooks in its marketplace. Its beautiful audio player has got covered with all basic functionalities like seeking, timeline bar, skip buttons, chapter navigation, snooze timer, and several other playback adjustments.

Download Kobo BooksAndroid | iOS

7. LibriVox Audio Books

Though being a small audiobook platform, LibriVox provides completely free access to its audiobook library, making it a great platform to indulge in some entertainment and fun.

LibriVox boats a decent collection of over 50,000 free titles for hearing books. Any audiobook available in the app can be streamed over the internet and download titles to your device for later use. You can find the most popular audiobooks by filtering with genres.

It allows you to enjoy the latest as well as classic audiobooks and gives you free access to thousands of old radio dramas that you’d love to hear.

Download LibriVoxAndroid | iOS

8. Smart AudioBook Player

Do you have your own collection of DRM-free audiobooks and looking for the best audiobook reader application? Then here is the excellent choice for you. Smart AudioBook Player is an app specifically designed to play audiobooks residing on your phone’s memory.

Its remarkable features include playback speed control, book classification options, Chromecast support, playback history, etc. It automatically pauses the audiobook while you fall asleep and save your progress, and you need to shake the phone to resume it. Additionally, you don’t need to finish one book to read another one, and the progress of each book will be saved independently so that you can come back to it at your convenience.

Download Smart AudioBook PlayerAndroid

9. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital is an all-in-one digital media lending service that lets users borrow audiobooks, ebooks, music, and videos from their library. With more than 1,000,000 titles in their collection, Hoopla can serve you well with anything you always wanted to stream online with your library card.

Your borrowed content can synchronize with a wide range of devices, including Android Auto so that you never lose your place. Furthermore, it comes with a kids mode for viewing family-friendly content, a shuffle feature, offline listening, and more. And Hoopla won’t charge you any late fees.

Download Hoopla DigitalAndroid | iOS

10. Scribd

Scribd now offers audiobooks for a monthly subscription of 9.99 dollars. They provide you with an extensive library of over 30,000 titles in addition to the ebooks. Though Scribd is the most comprehensive digital content library, its audiobooks collection is pretty small compared to its rival on the list.

Like some other apps mentioned here, Scribd also allows you to read and listen to audiobooks while you are offline. You can also set a sleep timer, customize your narration speed, etc., according to your needs.

Download ScribdAndroid | iOS

Listen to Your Favorite Audiobooks Anywhere, Anytime

For anyone with great curiosity and interest in listening to audiobooks, these apps are the best bets to start with. Most audiobook apps come with a free trial to enjoy risk-free testing of each one without spending your money. So start trying them now, and let us know which one you vote goes for. And, if you think any other audiobook apps are worth mentioning here, do let us know via your comments.


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