10 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites to Have Fun

Ever wondered how people are creating fake images and videos with great perfection? Here are the best tools for that.

10 best deepfake apps and websites

With the advent of digital transformation and technology adoption, many industries have thrived and continued to do so. It paved the way for plenty of innovative technologies, and deepfakes are one. And regardless of the controversies created, it has quickly emerged as an image and video manipulation technology.

Though the inception of deepfakes dates back to the 90s, modern developers in the online community have contributed a lot to fine-tuning the technology and growing it into today’s form. Recently, deepfake technology has gained a lot of attention for its uses in online frauds and fake news on social media platforms.

This article will show you 10 of the best deepfake apps and websites to further explore the technology and have fun experimenting with them.


What Are Deepfakes?

Deepfakes are manipulated visual contents generated by sophisticated AI technology, which creates artificial images, videos, and audio that appears to be genuine.

Deepfakes are often used to create deepfake videos of politicians, fake news, hoaxes, celebrity deepfake videos, etc. This forced the government and the industry to detect and restrict their uses and spread.

How Do Deepfake Apps Work?

The deepfake apps use artificial intelligence, deep learning, and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create visuals and audio that seem to be real but are fake in reality.

The creation of deepfakes involves using deep learning models – a subset of machine learning technology based on artificial neural networks integrated with feature or representation learning. Some apps reuse imagery created to improve the quality of the output.

Best Deepfake Apps of 2022

1. Reface

Reface stands quite ahead in the horde of best deepfake software. It’s an award-winning application that lets you swap faces in videos and GIFs to create amazingly realistic deep fakes.

Its face morphing technology can seamlessly morph your face to become a new person with smooth and compelling facial features and expressions – making it challenging to tell whether or not it’s a deepfake.

In addition to these, Reface comes with a lot more features such as gender swap, face changer, interactive face warping, etc., to name a few. And you can also use it as your personalized GIF maker app.

Download Reface AppAndroid | iOS

2. Zao Deepfake App

Zao is a popular Chinese deepfake application that allows you to create the deep fake voice of celebrities and stitch your faces to their bodies. This makes it a tremendous lip-syncing app for creating amazing videos.

Zao app is also renowned for its brilliant face swap feature that lets you swap your faces with other people seamlessly (funny faces) and show them off to your friends to have fun. Zao’s ability to make highly indistinguishable and realistic deepfakes in only a few seconds made it immensely popular and the most downloaded app in China within a month.

However, Zao’s technology is mainly trained with Chinese face data, and you may sometimes find it a little weird to others.

Download Zao AppiOS

3. FaceApp

FaceApp is another face photo editor that went viral with its awe-inspiring deep fake technology. It lets you effortlessly apply various effects to your photos to create realistic images that no one will say are bogus.

With the release of FaceApp in 2019, people have welcomed it with both hands, and social media was flooded with people trying different deepfake filters available in the app. FaceApp is a free application, and it made more people try the app and become even more viral in a short period.

Download FaceAppAndroid | iOS

4. Wombo

Ever wanted to know the secrets behind the creative selfies that sing on social media? Then your search ends here. Wombo’s magical technology is behind those creative artifacts. As the developer claims, Wombo is one of the best lip sync video apps powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Wombo is very user-friendly and stupid simple to use. You need to launch the application, pick your favorite song, and leave the rest to Wombo. It returns you with a ready-to-go viral and hilarious video of your singing face. You don’t even require a single singing lesson!

Download Wombo AppAndroid | iOS

5. Jiggy

Jiggy is just another free deepfake app for fun and experimenting with the technology.

Jiggy comes with tons of brilliant features like full body swap, animated stickers, GIF creation, etc. You only need to choose the required features, and it will return the result almost instantly.

Download JiggyAndroid | iOS

6. Face Swap Live

As its name indicates, Face Swap Live is a real-time face swap app that lets users make realistic artificial images by swapping faces with other persons. Unlike most popular deepfake apps, it doesn’t use static images and rather allows you to switch faces in real-time with your phone camera.

Though Face Swap Live is not an actual deepfake software, you can still use it for fun. It efficiently uses computer vision and machine learning technology to provide the best outputs.

Download Face Swap LiveAndroid | iOS

7. MyHeritage

MyHeritage is a brilliant application to bring your ancestry to life! Their trademark technology – Deep Nostalgia, lets you recreate your beautiful moments and reconnect to your memories.

With the MyHeritage app, you can create your family tree by adding names. The minute you start a family tree, its innovative matching technology will automatically search and find information from its database to reveal new family tree connections, records, and newspaper articles about your ancestors.

That doesn’t stop here: you can turn your old black and white photos into colorful pictures using their colorizer feature. You can also repair your old pictures and fix color-fading blurry faces to retain your heritage.

Download MyHeritage AppAndroid | iOS | Website

8. DeepFakesWeb

Deep Fakes Web is an online deepfake generator software that works in the cloud. It allows you to reuse your trained models to enhance your face swapping quality quickly.

This platform is your best bet if you want to learn more about the nuances of computer vision and better explore the technology.

The web service is priced at $3 per hour, approximately $15 for single video creation. It also comes with a monthly subscription priced at $9, where the video creation time will be reduced to 1 hour.

Go to Deep Fakes WebWebsite

9. Deep Face Lab

Deep Face Lab is an open-source deepfake system (desktop application) created for Windows PCs and is mainly aimed at students and computer vision researchers.

Since it’s primarily meant for researchers, you may not find it user-friendly, and thus you may need to refer to the documentation to know about the usage of the application.

It uses specialized human image processing and machine learning algorithms to replace faces in videos.

Download Deep Face LabGitHub

10. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art is another great app that uses AI technology to create artistic images. Deep Art is not suitable for creating deepfake videos, but it can make deepfake images based on art, paintings, etc.

Deep Art’s algorithm is inspired by human brains and adapts the styles of famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, etc. And the best part is that there is no privacy issue like other apps. If you ever want to try something artistic, you can blindly go with Deep Art.

Download Deep Art EffectsAndroid | iOS

Bonus: Deepfake Telegram Bots

Apart from the Apps and websites mentioned above, we’ve some telegram bots for creating deepfake content. One such bot is Round Deepfake Bot which uses a first-order motion model for image animation. They also use the motion supervised co-part segmentation for face swap mode.

And again, please don’t use these deepfake tools for illegal purposes. Use it only for fun, like creating talking photos, gifs, etc.

Don’t Misuse Deepfake Technology!

Unless you live under a rock, you will know that creating fake images and videos to spread fake news, defaming celebrities and other notable personalities, or misleading people is illegal.

Although the technology is advancing daily, deepfake detection is also becoming equally tricky and challenging. So even a small mistake from your side can mislead people and cause defamation to people. So, we never encourage our readers to violate anyone’s privacy so that the deepfakes can be enjoyed while being able to distinguish the fake.


Are deepfakes illegal?

Deepfakes are not illegal as long as you are not using them for misleading or defaming people.

Can you deepfake for free?

Yes. You can make deepfakes for free (with limits) using almost all deepfake applications out there.

How does deepfake technology affect our society?

Deepfake can adversely affect our society when people use the technology and apps for illegal purpose. It may include but not limited to spreading fake news, creating fake celebrity face or other personalities, creating nude photos, etc. Going beyond the limits will affect the people as they will make you question the reality.

How do you find deepfakes?

Deepfake detection is becoming challenging for common man as the technology is improving drastically. But still there are methods and tools to identify a deepfake image, audio, and video.

As a rule of thumb you can identify a deepfaked visual by observing the facial expressions, hair, skin tone, moles, eyes and eyebrows, glasses, etc.


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