Top10 Best Windows 11 Themes

Windows 11 exhibits many changes from the existing design and a lot of things are happening than Windows 10. You can even further personalize and customize your brand new Windows 11 OS with other themes and skins to create a unique look. For that, you need the best Windows 11 themes and skins that are associated with unlimited customization possibilities.

You can change your background wallpapers, desktop icons, color scheme, mouse cursor, and sound effects using various themes for Windows 11. You can even modify your Windows desktop appearance into a macOS or Linux computer. In this article, we will show you some of the best Windows 11 themes and skins available right now. So let’s jump into the matter.

Best Windows 11 Themes and Skins

1. macOS Monterey SkinPack

macOS Monterey best Windows 11 themes

The first one coming on our list is the latest macOS Monterey. Even though Windows 11 looks a bit like the OS from Apple you can further customize it using macOS Monterey SkinPack to duplicate macOS. This is the best option for you if you are exactly searching for a tool to create your Windows 11 look like a macOS.

This modern Windows 11 SkinPack not only just changes your background wallpaper but also icons, buttons, taskbar, and even software Windows will absolutely feel like a macOS. It provides a free lite version but you have to pay a reasonable small price of $4.99 for the real deal to get the icons and many more. We recommend you remove any other existing SkinPacks or themes before put in the macOS skin pack.

Download macOS Monterey SkinPack now.

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2. Ubuntu SkinPack

Ubuntu SkinPack for Windows 11

The next one coming on our list is the Unix-based OS which is light and very fast. You can transform your Windows 11 into a Ubuntu if you prefer the Linux-based looks. You can see the conventional menu design, left-aligned taskbar, buttons, and icons together gives you a feel of Ubuntu installed on your system.

Although Ubuntu does not support every program Windows does but it will be a good move to apply this Windows 11 theme on low-powered laptops or aging desktops. Ubuntu Windows 11 theme is free to use however to avail some additional features you have to pay a small price of $2.99.

Download Ubuntu SkinPack now.

3. 3D Theme

3D Theme for Windows 11

Are you looking for a Windows 11 3D Theme? Then this is your spot. The next on our list is the 3D Theme for Windows 11. This is the best option for you if you are searching for free Windows 11 themes. This tool consists of 17 HD wallpapers packed in features with 3D graphics that will change your system’s looks.

Installation of this 3D Theme is pretty easy and you can even pair 3D Themes along with any other themes. The 3D graphics of this theme will magnify your desktop. If you are a person who enjoys 3D modeling then you don’t have to look for any other.

Download the 3D Theme now.

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4. Animals in Autumn Theme

Animals in Autumn Theme for Windows 11

Animals in Autumn theme is the next one on our list. If you are a creature lover and admire bringing those theme sets to your Windows 11 device then you can try out the Animals in Autumn theme. This offers you a set of 16 high-quality images which you can choose as your wallpaper.

As the name of this theme hints, it delivers you the spirits of a season. It may be the favorite for some of you to celebrate the season with cool crisp air, wagging tails, crunching leaves. You can enjoy the autumn feeling with many small and big critters. Animals in Autumn theme is available free and you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Download Animals in Autumn Theme now.

5. Aero Glass

Aero Glass theme for Windows 11

Aero Glass is the next one coming on our list which is also a great theme for your Windows 11. Customization as per your convenience and preference is possible using this theme. It offers a glassy transparent taskbar and the interface is mainly focused on transparency. This transparent nature is obtained without affecting the configuration of the original Operating System.

A detailed guide on how to install Windows 11 theme as well as customization tools and tutorials can be found on the download page of Aero Glass. Aero Glass is a free theme for your Windows 11 and for every program it does provides transparent borders.

Download Aero Glass now.

6. Mountain Light Premium

Mountain Light Premium theme for Windows 11

Mountain Light Premium is the next theme on our list for your Windows 11 device. You can avail of 18 high-quality 4K premium images of mountains around the world. When you apply this theme to your system the accent color of Windows 11 will be changed with respect to the color of the wallpapers. Mountain Light Premium theme is completely free and it can be very easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Download Mountain Light Premium now.

7. Take a Moment Premium Theme

Take a Moment Premium theme for Windows 11

Take a Moment Premium Themes offers calm and peaceful images which you can use as wallpapers for your Windows 11. You can see the scenic beauty of humans interacting with nature in all the images and you can bring those to your home screen.

All the images such as cyclists on the forest road, a hand running on a stream, tent settled on the country of the hills give you a feeling which expresses the beauty of the world. If you are a nature lover you can consider Take a Moment Premium as one of the best Windows 11 themes.

Download Take a Moment Theme now.

8. Hacker Theme

Hacker theme for Windows 11

As the name implies if you need your system to feel and look like a hackers enclave then this theme is ideal for you. You can transform your Windows 11 into a hacking possession if you live your life as a hacker. This theme consists of 15 HD wallpapers which will take you to another level with their unique designs and graphics capabilities.

It also offers a slideshow of wallpapers and this slideshow makes use of many hacker symbols including classic symbols and an anonymous logo. One of the great features of this Windows 11 theme is that it shows a typical hacker green text which is able to change once every 30 minutes.

Download Hacker Theme now.

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9. Northern Lights

Northern Lights theme for Windows 11

The next on our list is the Northern Lights theme. If you are looking for a simple theme that will strengthen your overall look and feel of Windows 11 then Northern Lights is all yours. This is a freely available theme for your latest Operating System and can be downloaded straight from the Microsoft App Store. Northern Lights offers around 15 high-quality wallpapers. So try out this theme if you do not need many features and graphic-rich ones.

Download Northern Lights now.

10. Fortnite

Fortnite theme for Windows 11

We are completing the list with Fortnite. Can’t you believe it? Yes! You can get the Fortnite Windows 11 theme. Do you love games? If you are a pro gamer or fond of games here comes your best pick. As you are aware Fortnite is a survival game that runs on Epic Unreal Engine 4 with many fans from around the world.

You can bring this survival game experience to your home screen with several wallpapers and even app icons with this Fortnite theme. This theme is published by Epic games since 2013 and offers a set of 15 wallpapers. Fortnite Windows 11 theme is free and check out the below link to download it as soon as possible.

Download Fortnite now.

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Customize Windows 11 With The Best Themes and Skins

So friends, these are the best Windows 11 themes and skins close at hand. We will certainly update the post once more themes become available for Windows 11. Check out our magnificent list of best Windows 11 themes and start personalizing your brand new OS right now. Do let us know your views on this and if you find this article useful share it with your friends on social media.

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