How to Enable Live Translated Captions in Google Meet

How to Enable Live Translated Captions in Google Meet

Do you use Google Meet often and is it your favorite in the Video Conferencing segment? If yes, this article has got you covered. It has declared the deployment of live translated captions in Meet. You can enable live translated captions in Google Meet which will enhance communication with people who speaks different languages. Google has been consistent with the latest updates and especially adding new Meet features.

The new feature will translate English meetings to Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Presently this offers meetings that are conducted in the English language only but you can hope that it will make use of other languages as well soon that is clear from Google’s Workspace Updates blog post.Enable Live Translated Captions in Google Meet

Enabling Google Meet live translated captions during a video call makes the meeting more effective and universal since it eliminates the barricade of language ability to collaborate. It is possible to consume the contents in a user-preferred language thus equalizes the sharing of information as well as learning and participation hence the meetings can be more productive. In this article, we will let you know how to turn on live translated captions in Google Meet.


Who Can Avail Google Meet Live Translated Captions

The translated captions are currently available in the beta program for selected Workspace editions. They are:

  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Education Plus
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade

If you are a Workspace admin and likes to enroll in the beta, you can express your interest by filling out this form. When the admin is enrolled in the beta and your domain has been approved, then the feature is ready to use by its end users. The confirmation will be intimated through email.

However, the translated captions are not available to certain Workspace editions. They are:

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Education Fundamentals, Frontline, and Nonprofits
  • G Suite Basic
  • G Suite Business

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Enable Live Translated Captions in Google Meet

Follow the steps below to turning on live translated captions on your computer.

Note: This feature is presently available for video calls in English as a spoken language. To start using the feature “Captions” must be set to English and “Translated Captions” must be set to any one of the available translated languages. Let’s begin.

  1. Open Google Meet on your computer.
  2. Start a Meeting.
  3. Tap on the “More” option while in a meeting.More Option in Google Meet
  4. Head over to the “Settings” and click on the option “Captions”.Settings Option in Google Meet
  5. Now toggle ON “Captions” and set the language to English.Turning on Caption in Google Meet
  6. Toggle ON “Translated Captions”.Turning on Translated Captions in Google Meet
  7. Select any language that is available on the list such as French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish to which you need to translate your words.
  8. You have successfully turned on live translated captions in Google Meet.

Bonus Tip: Even though the translated captions feature is available only on certain Workspace editions, any person who makes use of Google Meet can utilize Standard Captions.

Make Google Workspace More Productive with Live Translated Captions

Be more productive in your profession and let the world know your capability. Now language proficiency is no more a barrier to you! So Why are you waiting for? Enable live translated captions in Google Meet and bring all your employees across the globe for meetings as well as for training programs in a business, for strengthening communication while connecting with your students around the world who speak different languages for the case of an educator. Also among the students to connect with other students.

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