How to add Instagram to Clubhouse bio is an important question a lot of Android users asking these days. For iOS users, it’s not at all a problem. The Instagram linking option was already available for them and they just needed a way to complete the linking. A huge number of Android users have installed the application and signed up for an account. But they couldn’t link their bio with their Instagram account. But at the same time, iOS users are really enjoying the feature and most of them have started gaining Instagram followers by leveraging the power of Clubhouse.

If you are an Android user, then you need to go for the latest version. The beta version of this app was launched without the options for linking Instagram to Clubhouse bio. But, now you have a piece of great news!

As I mentioned above, you need to install or update to the latest version of the application in order to use the feature. Follow the steps below to complete the steps for linking the clubhouse with your Instagram account. By doing this other users can easily access your Instagram account and can increase your followers and hence maintain a good relationship with the people around you.

Steps to Add Instagram to Clubhouse Bio on Android

  • For Android users, go to the Play Store and search for Clubhouse in the search bar over the top.

add instagram to clubhouse bio

  • Now click on the Update button. Open the application after the installation process is over.

Clubhouse Instagram linking

  • Tap on the profile icon (with your DP) at the top right corner of the Clubhouse application.
  • Clubhouse Instagram linkingTwo options are there to add Instagram details in your bio. One option is to go to the Setting > account > connect Instagram.
  • The other option you can directly see Add Instagram link as shown in the screenshot.

Clubhouse Instagram linking

  • Then the link will be directed to the Instagram website through your default browser. Enter your Instagram credentials in the fields provided there.
  • Clubhouse Instagram linkingAfter filling in the fields, you will be asked to give permission to receive your Instagram account details into the Clubhouse app. Click on the Allow button and Continue.

  • Finally, the Instagram linking to Clubhouse is completed. Now any user can see your Instagram username and can be easily followed. Click on the username as shown below.

clubhouse Instagram linking

  • The application will directly open the profile page of Instagram. Thus other users can see your profile without much ado.

Clubhouse Instagram linking

From the Author’s Desk

The methods which we have included in this article are mainly for Android users. As already mentioned, this provision was already incorporated in the iOS app. After connecting your Instagram account with Clubhouse, you can start developing a strategy to make followers easily. If you have any doubts, let us know through your comments.

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