How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp?


How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp? An Important question that most people are searching on the internet to get an absolute answer to solve the doubt. Among you guys might also experience in the past. Users are eager to find whether they are blocked or not after seeing some signs or absence of notifications etc.

There are different ways to check whether they blocked you or not. Also, you may have a desire not to text again to check the present stage of your account with them. So here we have brought some methods to ensure the situation and status.

You can follow the procedures so that you can make sure and need to find a solution accordingly. Basically, there is no solution to revert the block by yourself. For protecting the privacy of the user, Whatsapp allows unblocking only for the person who blocked the other user.


What Happen if Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp?

If someone has blocked you on Whatsapp, then the following things cannot be done. These methods can be completed in one go, But could not make sure the situation as well. You can proceed with these steps or can jump to the absolute method Directly without any doubt.

  • You will not able to see their profile Picture and Status and Contact’s Last seen notification.
  • You are not able to call (The calling features will be shown as usual and you could hear the ringing sound, but will not reach the call to them. Finally the connection will be ended).
  • Your text messages, Voice messages, images, videos, etc will not be reached to them though you can see the posting in the chatroom.

Steps to Find Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp.

According to the users, steps can be provided as two. Since some of the users have not any wish to message them or do anything related but they need to know whether they blocked you or not. But some users have not such a mind, so the steps division does not matter.

Method 1 (Approximation Method):

  • The profile picture and Contact’s last seen Notifications will not be shown. The following image will show you the matter. This method cannot ensure whether they blocked you or not. Because there are options for the users to hide the Display Picture and Notification about the Last seen details.

  • Tap on the Profile name of the User. If you are blocked you couldn’t see anything about “About” details in “About and Phone Number“. This also gives the assumption only. So follow the next steps to ensure.

how to know if someone blocked on Whatsapp

  • In the chatroom, you can tap on the Call button either voice call or video call. You will see the calling is going along with a ringing sound. Here the call will not be connected to the other person that you are calling and just end without any positive results. This step also can’t help us to make sure the scenario. Since the same thing will be seen while the other person is not available to take the call or not available as “online

How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp Without Messaging Them?

This method is an Absolute Method to Find the Block. This step doesn’t need to interfere with them as Checking the block through passing any message in the chatroom. This method is damn easy and can directly do without any other methods especially the approximate methods.

Method 2 (Absolue Method):

  • Tap on the Three dots at the Right top of the Chat list page. Select “New group”.
  • Then you will be asked to type the title name.
  • Once group Created. Open the Group chatroom. Then Tap on the Group name. Now You can see “Add Participants” link. Click on that. You can search the name of the user who blocked you.

  • Add the User who blocked you. Proceed by Tapping on the Green Right Arrow Button. Then a notification will be displayed as ” Adding… “, If the Person blocked you then The message next to “Adding”  Will be ” Couldn’t add <Profile name>”. 

How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp?

  • Finally, you have done, If possible ask the blocker about the reason for blocking.

From the Author’s Desk

The above article could ensure the status of the block by any other users. The described methods are simple and you can directly do the best method. The Absolute method only ensures the exact status of the block. The other methods give some assumptions and approximations about the activity. You can directly create a Group and check without doing the rest of the things. Once the block is removed, then you can continue to chat or interact with them. Knowing the “Block Status” will help some users to find a solution and have opportunities to ask the reason for Blocking. If you have any queries related to this, let us have your questions and doubts in the comment section.


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