How to Read iMessage Chats from iPhone or iPad

For iPhone and iPad users, iMessage is the preferred way to communicate. It’s fast, secure, and incredibly convenient, but it can also be difficult to access your messages from other devices or computers.

You may have heard that breaking into an iMessage conversation is nearly impossible unless you have physical access to the device in question—which makes sense considering its legendary security reputation among Apple fans! In this article, we’ll show you how to read iMessages from any iPhone or iPad, without even physically accessing the device.

Why Breaking into iMessage is Difficult?

Even though Apple has canceled its plan to scan users’ iCloud accounts for CSAM (child se*ual assault material), it is still one of the best mobile phone manufacturing companies in terms of providing their customers with a secure and safe digital environment. By putting into practice its specially created privacy standards, the company itself maintains all of its apps and device operating systems.

Apple takes this action to keep hackers and other cybercriminals away as well as to stop intruders from entering the device in any way feasible. iMessage is one of the specially created apps that Apple includes on their phones as a result.

End-to-end encryption is used by Apple’s iMessage to make all transmitted and received data private between the sender and the recipient only. They are hidden from Apple and all of its workers. Media data, including documents, pictures, and videos, is also end-to-end encrypted, with access restricted to the sender and recipient only.

Despite all this, there are ways available through which you can crack Apple’s security and get into an iPhone or iPad without letting the user know or accessing the device physically. All you have to do is get your hands on the Xnspy iPhone app to access iMessages remotely.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is phone spyware software that makes it possible to track the location or access everything available on iOS devices. The app functions differently from other common monitoring apps and enables you to access the target device without even touching it.

You only need to be familiar with the account information that is currently active on the phone to use the Xnspy iPhone app. You may monitor what is happening on the phone and what the target user is storing on it by connecting the app to the target Apple device.

How Xnspy Helps You to Read iMessage Chat?

Xnspy iMessage monitoring app works in stealth mode, so the device user won’t be receiving any notifications during the monitoring process. The app doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to understand its working mechanism.

Xnspy uses iCloud as a source to create a backup of the iMessage data, including photos, videos, and other files. Once Xnspy starts syncing with the target device’s iCloud account, it can monitor all its activities.

How to Install Xnspy?

Before installing Xnspy on an iPhone, there are a few prerequisites you should be aware of.

  • Knowing the iCloud account credentials activated on the target phone.
  • Make sure the target phone’s iCloud backup feature is turned on.
  • Subscription to Xnspy.

Then, follow these easy steps to set up Xnspy on an iPhone without physically accessing it:

Step 1: Visit Xnspy Website

Go to on your laptop or another device. Enter the credentials you received via email to log in to your account.

xnspy login screen

Step 2: Select iOS (No-Jailbreak)

Choose iOS (No-Jailbreak) from the given options.

Step 3: Select “iCloud Setup”

Click on “iCloud Setup” to choose it as your platform for installation. Then enter the iCloud credentials of the account that is currently logged in on the device.

icloud settings

Step 4: View available devices

A list of devices will be shown containing the same iCloud account.

Step 5: Click on “Finish”

Choose the device you want to monitor and then click on the green button to “Finish” the setup process. Your device is ready for monitoring.

How to Read iMessage with Xnspy?

  1. Log in to by using the credentials you received via email and enter the dashboard.
  2. Find “Messengers” from the list of features provided on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click on “Messengers” and select “iMessages” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the “iMessages” to see all the chats made by the device user along with the sender’s details, time, and date stamps.

xnspy dashboard

A complete guide on monitoring iMessages can be found on Xnspy’s website which can be used as a reference in case of any difficulty. Moreover, the app has many other features that make monitoring simple and all of which can be done remotely. That means you can see the target user’s iMessage activities anytime, anywhere, by simply accessing the online portal.

Xnspy Features for iOS

As stated before, the target user’s iCloud credentials are used to access the Xnspy No-Jailbreak version. You can add devices after obtaining your Xnspy license and utilizing the web-based management panel by only entering the iCloud credentials of each target user. Here are some other features that you’ll get with an Xnspy subscription.

  • View Call Logs: This feature gives you access to the target iPhone’s call log and lets you see who they have recently spoken to. Along with the contact information, time, and date tags, it also displays a list of all missed, incoming, and outgoing calls.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring: The app allows you to view all the actions happening on WhatsApp, including calls, messages, and multimedia. Furthermore, you can also see the WhatsApp deleted messages with Xnspy.
  • View Internet Browser History: This feature of the Xnspy phone spying program enables you to monitor the user’s search history. The program may still capture your history, complete with bookmarks and saved pages, even if they have erased it.
  • Access Multimedia and Calendar Entries: You can learn more about the target user’s phone’s photos and videos by using these features. In addition, by looking at the calendar entries, you can correctly predict their plans and what’s going through their minds.
  • Installed Apps: With the help of the “Installed Apps” feature, you can also find out what apps are installed on the device such as gaming apps.


Apple provides the best devices in the world and also has the most secure environment that keeps its user’s data safe and sound. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that it is not completely secure.

However, for all the legitimate purposes you want to read iMessage chats on an iPhone or iPad, you can utilize the Xnspy application. The app is full of features and provides complete remote access to the phone. Make sure you utilize the app for good use and not be involved in any unethical act.

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