10 Best IO Games Unblocked for Schools in 2022

The most wanted io games are unblocked for you!

best io games unblocked for school

Since the release of the popular Agar.io, the io games have gained much traction among online players. When the game was released in 2015, everyone and their mom played and shared the game with their friends. Now, when we fast-forward to today’s scenario, the new io games have expanded a lot and have already become one of the most important time passes for kids and adults alike.

With a myriad of io games available on the internet today, it’s really a tiring task to choose the right one, and if chosen, most of them will be blocked on school networks and school-issued Chromebooks. Although there are methods to unblock these websites, it’s much easier when you have some that are not already blocked. This article will show you some most popular unblocked io games to kill your time on.


What are IO Games?

IO games are, in fact, not a category of games like most people think. IO is a country-specific domain extension for British Indian Ocean Territory. And an IO game doesn’t need to have a .io extension at the end of the domain name. Since it is widely used by startups and technology companies, the .io domain became popular, and everyone started using it.

When developers build and deploy their games on the internet, it is their discretion to use what domain name and extension for their game website. That’s all the facts in this. When Agar and Slither games used a .io domain, it became an unofficial standard for game websites. As more and more such browser games are released frequently, and all of them use the extension, they gradually came to be known as io games.

10 Best IO Games Unblocked at Schools

1. Subway Surfers io

Subway Surfers is a classic endless runner game that we play on our mobile phones. Have you ever thought of playing it while at school? Well, this is the chance. Like in the classic game, you are going to take the role of Jake who surfs the subway and tries to escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog running after you. You need to tackle the challenges in the form of trains, and obstacles to move forward as far as you can and collect as many coins as possible.

Play Here

subway surfers io game

2. Minecraft io

Here is a Minecraft remake for the web where you can explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. In the game, you will explore a blocky 3D world with infinite terrain and discover raw materials, tools, and items to make buildings, structures, and machines. Depending on the game’s mode, you can either fight or join hostile mobs against the other players in the same world. It’s an interesting game to play at school while you are having some free time.

Play Here

minecraft io game unblocked

3. Invaders War io

Invaders War is an old-school game that is inspired by the classic Space Invaders game. It’s much similar to Space Invaders where you shoot and defeat your enemies before they reach you. As you shoot they also shoot to destroy us. In the game, you need to attack your enemies while keeping yourself from hitting their bullets. Once you kill all the enemies, you win. If you opt to play the game, you can bring back the nostalgia of the great Space Invaders and have fun playing it for a long time.

Play Here

invaders war io game unblocked

4. Agar io Clone

As the name indicates, it’s a perfect clone of the popular Agar io game that we all like. The game’s objective is to eat food and other players to grow your character and become fat. The food particles respawn automatically in another place and you need to eat as much as possible and engulf other players to win.

Play Here

agar io mmo game for chromebook

5. Animal io 3D

Animal io is one of the most loved multiplayer games in which your objective is to control your animal to push others off the platform with your tail. In the game, your animal can eat meat, hamburger, and mushrooms to size up and to kill and win over the enemies.

Play Here

animal io 3d game

6. Slither io 3D

Slither is a free multiplayer video game that you can play on your browser. In the game, you can take an avatar similar to a snake which consumes multi-colored pellets to grow in size. The aim of the game is to eat and grow as much as possible and be the longest snake on the server. If you like the Agar io and the classic snake games, you will definitely find this exciting to play.

Play Here

slither io 3d game

7. Sky Road Car Racing

Sky Road Car Racing is one of the most adventurous racing games unblocked for school networks and devices. In this game, you’ll be trained for extreme racing stunts on impossible tracks which make it a real entertainer for any age group. While you play you will come across dangerous ramps, loops, and other difficult challenges which make it even more addictive. Once you start playing, the intelligently designed game mechanics will keep your hands on the keyboard for a long time. So try it out and you’re going to nail it.

Play Here

Sky Road Car Racing game

8. Snake io

The name game doesn’t need any explanation as it is very much familiar to you. As in the classic game, all you need is to eat the food and grow longer in size while surviving for a long time.

Play Here

snake io game

9. Squid Game io

Squid game is a different kind of game where you need to fight your opponents in green light and stop when in red light. Within the set time, you need to be fast and careful to win the game. If you move when in red light you’ll be shot by the enemies and you’ll lose the game.

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squid game io

10. Tunnel Rush Mania io

In the Tunnel Rush game, you need to move in your way through the tunnel with upcoming obstacles. The game’s objective is to move through the tunnel without hitting the obstacles. So it hugely depends on your reaction. You need to be fast with your fingers to roll aside the obstacles to move through the swirling kaleidoscope of challenges. The game also comes with a multiplayer mode where you can come with your friend and compete with each other on the same screen to see who is going to win the tunnel race.

Play Here

tunnel rush mania io game

Unrestricted IO Games Handpicked For You

By now, you have a cool list of io games unblocked at school, and it’s time to try them out. You don’t require fancy stuff; just head over to the games’ respective links and play as much as you want. We highly recommend you play online games only in your leisure time. Don’t bunk your classes or neglect any academic stuff for gaming.

If you need a list of even more unblocked games to play at school in different game categories, you can head over to our article and bookmark it.


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