Windows 11

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Windows 11 minimum system requirements

Windows 11 System Requirements for PC & Laptop (Minimum & Recommended)

Windows 11 is almost around the corner. Microsoft has fixed the Windows 11 release date and everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch event. Are you planning...

How Much Space Does Windows 11 Take up on Your Disk?

Have you ever wondered how much space does Windows 11 take on your disk? Prior to installing a new operating system on your PC or laptop, it...
how to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 ans secure boot

How to Install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 & Secure Boot

Install Windows 11 without TPM, Secure Boot, and a supported CPU! Yes, you heard it right. You can now install Windows 11 on your old PC or...

How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11

You might have experienced that your desktop or PC's screen is rotated without you intentionally changing it. It would have happened because of the detaching or plugging...
remote desktop software for windows 11

Top 5 Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows 11

Remote Desktop Software helps you with a smooth connection and interaction between users with devices in any other part of the world. This enables you to see...
How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11

How to Factory Reset Windows 11

If your Windows 11 is showing errors or behaving weirdly then you might require a quick workaround or preferably a complete factory reset of Windows 11 on...

Windows 11 Release Date 2021, Features and Specs – All You Need to Know

And finally, Microsoft is going to release their much anticipated Windows 11 operating system later this month. Techies around the world are impatiently waiting to hear about...

Windows 11 Download 64 Bit ISO File (Direct Links)

Windows 11 Download is official. You can now avail of the full version of Windows 11 download with a direct link. The official disc image file has been...

How to Find Computer Specs on Windows 11 (5 Methods)

Knowing how to find computer specs on Windows 11 is a need. This can be helpful at times when you need to upgrade your operating system or...
How to Take a Screenshot of Windows 11 Login Screen

How to Take a Screenshot of Windows 11 Login Screen

Like older versions of the OS, Windows 11 also have a couple of screens to go through before you land on the desktop. These are the lock...

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