Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand With Qi Charging

Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand With Qi Charging

Xiaomi is one of the dominant names in the smartphone segment. They are working hard to progress various new technologies especially in the section of fast charging. Adding to the company’s charging accessories available on the market, Xiaomi has introduced a new 100W Wireless charging stand. In this article, we will present you with Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand With Qi Charging.

The new 100W Wireless charging stand is similar to the 80W genre the company had introduced some time back. It was mainly focused on users buying Xiaomi’s flagship smartphones. But we could see that there is no smartphone in the company’s segment that can charge at 80W wireless charging. So the maximum charging of any current smartphone will no be greater than the new 100W.


Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand Specifications and Features

The company’s Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra support 67W Wireless charging whereas Mi MIX 4 can be charged at 50W Wireless charging. These are the company’s fastest Wireless charging which can charge at a maximum of 67W and it takes only half an hour to charge fully. The 100W Wireless charger comes with a 120W adapter and a 6A charging cable which eventually offers an output of 100W which is greater than its predecessor.

Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand

When coming to the safety of the Wireless Charging Stand Xiaomi adding a new feature known as current calibration. Also, there are other features such as protection from over-temperature, under-voltage, over-current, and over-voltage. In addition, foreign body detection and electrostatic protection are also carried out. The charging station is angled in a way that enables vents at the bottom of the device which comes with a dynamic fan for the purpose of cooling.

100W Wireless Charging Comes With Qi Wireless Charging Technology

Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand Specifications

The brand new 100W Wireless charger is more flexible when comparing with others. The main reason behind that is it enables the devices to place both horizontal and vertical on the charging stand. The model number of the 100W variant is MDY-13-EL – which comes in Black and Gold colors whereas the 80W version comes in White and Silver colors.

Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand Features

There are not many differences between the two Wireless charging units except for the charging capacity. The design of the 100W Wireless charger has a duel-coil just like its previous one and also consists of a fan in order to cool down the device when it gets heated up. One of the highlighting features is that it supports Qi Wireless charging technology. For those unaware, which means the 100W Wireless charging can be used for any other smartphone which is supported by wireless charging.

Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand Price

Xiaomi’s new 100W Wireless charging stand is available only in China right now. It costs 599 Chinese Yuan which is equivalent to $92. Presently it is sold through online channels and there is no news or announcement regarding the launch of the same globally. The company’s previous 80W Wireless charging stand retails for 499  Chinese Yuan which is equivalent to $77.

Explore Xiaomi 100W Wireless Charging Stand With Qi Charging

The devices which are gonna get benefits from this Wireless charger are the company’s current flagships. They are Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. Although none of them will charge at the maximum 100W the company is yet to launch a smartphone that can reach such heights. You can also make use of this stand for other smartphones that are supported wireless charging. Do comment your views on Xiaomi’s 100W Wireless Charging Stand with Qi wireless charging technology.

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