top unblocked music sites for school and offices

We all like music. Irrespective of the age group, everyone in the world enjoys music. Most of us listen to music for entertainment, for time to pass, or even stress relief. But what if you want to listen to your favorite songs while at school or work? It’s a bit tricky!

It’s not uncommon for school networks to block music streaming websites on their computers. But still, there are several websites that play free music that is not blocked. If you want to have a break from your busy schedules and relax for some time, listening to music is one of the best ways. While at school (or work), you need access to free unblocked music sites for this.

To make your job easy, we’ve done all the research for you and put together a list of the most popluar unblocked music sites you can tune in to unwind yourself while at school or the office.

Best Unblocked Music Sites for School and Work

1. Spotify

spotify unblocked music

Spotify is a well-known music streaming website that’s usually not blocked on computers at school and work. It offers millions of songs you can listen to on the go. It comes with free and paid versions for users, and the best part is that the free version itself will be more than enough for you.

On Spotify, you can create your own playlist for free, and all you need is to register a free account and add your favorite songs to a new playlist. You can find a massive collection of songs that can be filtered by artist names, album names, genre, language, and more to create playlists that you can listen to in your free time from anywhere.

2. YouTube Music

youtube music

YouTube Music (formerly Google Play Music) is one great unblocked music website for anyone to use anywhere without any issues. This is one of the biggest music streaming platforms from Google, renowned for its vastness. It’s hard to find a song that’s not on the platform.

With an advanced music search engine and a wide range of genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, etc., chances are very high that you’ll find your favorite tracks you are looking for. Moreover, you can create personalized playlists with a free account and stream them anywhere at any time.

Apart from the songs, you can find a lot of high-quality podcasts and other audio content that you’ll love to listen to daily. That’s why the platform is on our list of unblocked music sites. In case you want to watch videos too, follow our guide on how to unblock YouTube at school.

3. Jamendo

jamendo unrestricted music

If you are looking for great music sites to listen to unblocked music while at school, Jamendo is one of the websites you can rely on. The best thing about the platform is that, unlike others, it lets you download your favorite music content to your laptop or smartphone for offline listening without needing an internet connection.

Finding some cool songs on Jamendo is pretty straightforward. In the Explore section, you can easily filter out your required songs by genre, country, best of, etc. It also lists out some great playlists and individual songs handpicked by their music experts.

On Jamendo, you don’t need to create even a free account to stream music online. Once you find a song, you can start playing it right away by hitting the Play button below the title.

4. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is more of a free internet radio service than a usual music streaming platform. But still, you will find a lot of popular, evergreen, and trending songs for free on various channels streaming worldwide.

The platform claims to have over 1400 customizable radio channels curated by humans and not algorithms. What’s more interesting about the service is they offer a variety of features, including the provision to blend channels, rate songs, create channels, and blacklist titles and artists.

They don’t have subscription plans for their users – everything is 100% free. Also, you can skip as many songs as you want; they won’t impose any restrictions on their service. AccuRadio is your go-to website if you love listening to old classics and trendings songs.

5. Soundcloud

soundcloud free music

As one of the largest collections of music and audio content, Soundcloud lets you discover and listen to diverse songs from the most vibrant music community on the internet. You can use this website to access free unblocked music while at school or the office.

Like other platforms, Soundcloud also allows you to create your own music library where you can include only your favorite tracks and listen to them without any limitations, anytime from anywhere. The only requirement is to create a free account.

While a free account has several obvious limitations, the platform can serve you well with many songs available for free.

6. Soundzabound

soundzabound music

The next one is another popular unblocked music site but a bit different from the others on our list. Soundzabound is actually a royalty-free music website for schools that offers an vast library of music and audio files. It’s not about movie songs but a collection of stock audios that can be used for video production, podcasting, digital storytelling, technology fairs, public performance, etc., to name a few.

The website has a curation of a plethora of music and sound effects for schools and universities with genres ranging from acoustics to classical to hip-hop etc.

7. JioSaavn

JioSaavn is another must-use website to listen to unblocked music at school. It’s an Indian unblocked music site where you can play songs in over 16 languages, including English and Hindi. Like other platforms, JioSaavn also lets you create a personal playlist with a free account and add as many songs as you want.

The remarkable thing about the site is its proper arrangement of songs for easy access and play. You can filter songs with different options like language, playlist, latest releases, etc., right from the home page itself. This will reduce the time taken to find your music and listen. You don’t have to waste your precious time, especially if you have a limited time for a break/ interval at school or the office.

If you like Indian songs in different languages, then no look further than Jiosaavn; you are going to love the site.

8. Hungama

hungama free music and video streaming

If you are looking for a good unblocked music site, then Hungama is way more than that. It provides songs, videos, movies, podcasts, TV shows, kids specials, short films, etc. I bet this site will be a great entertainer for you guys. Their regularly updated collection of the above said things in combination makes it a great website for everyone.

Whether you are at school and want to take a break from the tiring academic sessions or are at the office looking to unwind from the stress, you’ll find Hungama your #1 go-to resource for all your entertainment needs except games.

Furthermore, if you are a person who loves to sing but doesn’t know the exact lyrics, then this website can help you find what you are looking for.

9. Jango

jango unblocked music site

Here comes your free personalized music streaming platform that offers unlimited and free access with no ads. Jango is just like radio stations that will play the music you like without the interruption of advertisements. With Jango, you don’t need to play around to get what you want. All you need is to tune into your favorite genre or artist and let Jango do the rest.

Jango also has advanced features that let you further personalize your music experience by liking songs you love to hear more often, blacklisting the ones you don’t want to hear again, adding artists to stations, etc.

For your ease, creating an account on Jango is a breeze. With a free account, you can easily customize your music preferences and save them to access from multiple devices. You can access it on school Chromebooks, lab computers, office desktops, etc.

10. Audiomack

audiomack free music streaming platform

Audiomack is a limitless music sharing and discovery platform for artists, listeners, and fans. It’s perfect for accessing unrestricted music at school and offices as they have a huge collection of free songs spanning over 11 genres.

On Audiomack, you can easily create and maintain your account for free forever. A free account with customized music preferences can help you access your preferred tracks anytime from any device.

11. MusixHub

musixhub free music platform

It’s another music platform usually not blocked in educational institutions and offices. MusixHub not only lets you listen to music but also allows you to watch videos of your favorite artists. You can use the website as your personal radio and play songs as much as you want.

You can also share and organize your playlists and other music preferences with your friends to enjoy music with your friends having the same taste.

12. TuneIn

tunein music website

Here comes another free unblocked music site (TuneIn), especially for podcasts. They have a decent collection of all sorts of music and audio in different languages. One of the most exciting things about the website is that it brings live sports and news apart from the songs and podcasts.

Enjoy Unblocked Music Anywhere

Now you have a handful of free unblocked music websites at your disposal to listen to your favorite songs anywhere, anytime. You can remember the names of a few of your favorite websites and visit them when you wish. Whenever you need a break from work or to heal your mood swings or depression, just head to the websites and play some soothing music to relax.
If you know any other good music websites that are not blocked, do share them in the comments section. Let’s help more people to have a stress-free life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get unblocked music at school?

Visit any of the websites mentioned in the article. From some websites, you can even download your favorite songs to the computer.

Is it safe to download music from unblocked websites?

The music content uploaded to the websites is claimed to be checked thoroughly and is safe. But, we recommend you to listen to the songs online only.

Why music websites are blocked in schools and offices?

Reasons may vary. The network administrator of the respective places may block music sites because of several reasons. Most of the time, the real intention is to prevent school students and workers from accessing the sites for entertainment as it will affect their productivity.

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