Best Anime Streaming Websites in 2021
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Are you a hard-line fan of anime and hardly looking for a spot to watch your favorite shows online? then your search has come to an end. Here are the most popular and best anime streaming websites in 2021 that hold the official licenses to stream anime shows online legally to their spectators. Animes are no longer limited to Japanese onlookers.

They have got huge fans around the globe especially in the United States and European countries. But they are not available in all the regions makes the fanbase disheartened. Fortunately, the emergence of the internet and big streaming platforms have made this piece of skill widely accessible. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best anime streaming services. So without wasting your time let’s get in into the theme.

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List of Best Anime Streaming Websites

1. 9 Anime

Best Anime Streaming Websites 9 Anime

Let’s start with 9 Anime one of the best anime streaming websites you can have. This shows the anime series and movies with an ultra-high-definition quality. It has a sleek and catchy interface and it’s quite noticeable and thus provides comprehensive navigation. Using the quick filters you can easily find out your favorite animes. Apart from this, the titles are arranged alphabetically which makes the process easier.

9 Anime offers you the latest episodes on the streaming website right after it has aired in Japan. This is one of the most popular and interesting features of this platform. Language changing options are available along with dark and light modes as per your convenience. You don’t have to spend any single penny to watch your loved animes on this website. With its easy accessibility to newly released animes and its easy navigation 9 Anime can be considered the best free anime streaming website to watch online.

Visit 9 Anime Now.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Anime Streaming Website

The next one on the list is Crunchyroll which is also the best site to watch anime. It has various sections like the latest anime news, feature shows, coming soon episodes, Crunchyroll news, contests, and simulcasts. One of the best features of this platform is ad-free for paid subscriptions and quick release of episodes.

It provides the licenses for streaming popular manga properties. It also gives you a store offering exclusive anime merchandise for the fans. Crunchyroll offers you a free trial of 14 days so you can access all the features like watching full videos, trying out offline viewing, streaming up to four devices. The paid subscription offers you digital manga.

Visit Crunchyroll Now.

3. Kissanime

Kissanime Anime Streaming Website

Kissanime is one of the top websites for free anime. It is the sister site of KissCartoon and KissAsian. You can see a variety of animations in the thumbnail view and the latest animes on the homepage. It provides thousands of episodes and shows as “Completed” once a series is done or else it will list on the latest episode. Kissanime platform is available with an amazing user-friendly interface that makes you get the exact content you require. The contents will be updated regularly.

You can get the contents in English subbed and dubbed that make you understand the way you like. The videos are arranged category-wise like romance, comedy, horror, action, and many more so you can easily get it done without any issues. However, the video resolution offered by Kissanime is 1080p and you cannot change it on the playback window. You will also encounter the ads at any time.

Visit Kissanime Now.

4. Funimation

Funimation Anime Streaming Website

The next one on the list is Funimation which is another best anime streaming site. The video quality of the platform is magnificent. Your favorite shows like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, and many others are on the list. You can search here for your loved ones and get the content easily. Funimation also offers various games and merchandise.

The various shows are categorized into action, adventure, psychological, drama, horror, romance, comedy, fantasy, etc. You can also get the series with English dubbed. It is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version costs you 7.99$ for a month. Users can watch the animes for free with ads on the free version and without ads on a paid subscription. Funimation is definitely worth it for you to give a try to get the exclusive animes.

Visit Funimation Now.

5. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime Anime Streaming Website

GoGoAnime is another free anime streaming website that offers both old and new animes to fans. It has a sleek design and a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation. The anime series is well arranged in alphabets, year and month of their release, and on popularity. You can easily understand which one is popular or trending. Once an episode is released then immediately it will be available on this platform.

You will get high-quality videos and it is the only dedicated platform for streaming Japanese anime. English animation series is also supported without the need for a subtitle. One of the amazing features is that it does provides you with a section for watching animated movies at any time. GoGoAnime is free to use and for sure it can satisfy the needs of all kinds of anime lovers.

Visit GoGoAnime Now.

6. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet Anime Streaming Website

Anime-Planet is the next interesting anime streaming website that allows you to watch your favorite shows online. The shows and series are categorized based on popularity, release date, user favorites, user tags, and recent updates. The anime recommendation section suggests the contents based on personal reviews and related content.

Anime-Planet provides you with a wonderful feature that most of the other anime streaming platforms don’t. You can join the community and be able to follow other users having the same interest. You can even chat with others while streaming anime shows and get engaged with their community.

Visit Anime-Planet Now.

7. TubiTV

TubiTV Anime Streaming Website

The next one on the list is TubiTV that is best for streaming animes, TV shows, and movies. It has a great collection of content and is a completely free streaming platform. You will get high-quality videos and it will support almost all devices.

You will get almost all the best animes on the gallery ranges from Attack on Titan to Naruto and a lot more. When you look at the user interface it will be simple and user-friendly. TubiTV presents you with over 40000 titles. It also offers you the parental control feature.

Visit TubiTV Now.

8. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven Anime Streaming Website

Anime Heaven is one of the best anime streaming websites for you to try out. It has thousands of top anime shows that consist of classics and the latest collections. The user interface is similar to most of the other anime streaming sites and is easy to use.

Anime Heaven lets you download videos with different resolutions. If you are looking for a platform to download the anime shows and also to stream online then this is the best option for you. Since the platform is free you can expect frequent ads during the watch.

Visit Anime Heaven Now.

9. Masterani

Masterani Anime Streaming Website

The next one on the list is Masterani which is another free anime streaming website. It shows a graphical user interface and it is one of its great features. The video quality is high and you will be available with a section dedicated to reviews so that you can check and decide whether to watch or not.

It is one of the fastest anime streaming platforms and you can start using it without any registration or additional information. It presents you with the latest anime shows and series and you can choose as per your wish. Furthermore, the server name can be changed as per your requirement.

Visit Masterani Now.

10. Chia-anime

Chia-anime Anime Streaming Website

Let’s finish the list with Chia-anime which is another best anime streaming websites for you to give a try. The company has started an office in Japan in 2009 and they are continuously providing their excellent service in this field. You can find almost all the animes on this platform.

For international audiences, it supports English subtitles along with magnificent video quality. Video loading time is much faster compared to similar anime streaming sites without buffering and also annoying ads are eliminated. Coming to the user interface is very simple. It also offers an amazing collection of the old and latest manga, TV shows, and movies.

Visit Chia-anime Now.

Enjoy the Animes from the Best Anime Streaming Websites

Start enjoying your favorite shows from the comfort of your homes from the best anime website 2021. As per our recommendation if you are looking for both old and new anime shows with fast anime streaming experience you can go for Crunchyroll and Funimation if you don’t mind spending a small buck. If you don’t want to spend a single penny and looking for a top anime website to watch free, then you can go with 9Anime and Gogoanime.

So these are the best anime streaming websites for you to check out now. In case if any of these websites are not working on your device you may try using a VPN. If you are conscious about the secure connection and legality we suggest you always use a VPN when you start streaming online. Do let us know which are the anime streaming sites you gonna prefer and if you know any other excellent platforms to recommend mention them in the comments section

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