Telegram has been in the industry for a long time since its inception back in 2013. Today we have a few privacy-conscious messenger applications like WhatsApp, Signal, etc. But there is a talk in the tech world that Telegram is not using end-to-end encryption on your messages. When these rumors came out back in the day, people who were already using Telegram had a second thoughts over the app and started deleting their accounts.

So, whatever it is, if you are looking for a method to permanently delete telegram account, then you are at the right place. Yes. We’ve got you covered in this article. Here we’ll walk you through detailed step-by-step instructions to delete a Telegram account from your android phone, iPhone, and PC as well.

Telegram Account Delete

Note that there are multiple ways by which you can delete a telegram account. You can do it from your android or iOS phone, and from the official website of telegram. So let’s check them one by one.

How to Delete Telegram Account on Android

For mobile users, there is no straightforward option to delete a telegram account. Instead, you have to go through a deactivation process. This method for deleting your account is working based on a self-destruction option available in the Telegram Android app. Here you can manually select a time period after which your account will be deleted automatically and all the contacts and messages will be deleted and gone forever. This only works if you do not use Telegram from the time period that you set.

Here are the steps and screenshots of the deactivation process in Android phones.

  1. First of all, open the Telegram application on your phone and tap on the menu icon at the top left corner. Refer to the screenshot below.delete telegram account
  2. Now tap on the Settings option right from the drawer options.
  3. Then select Privacy and Security from the next screen.
  4. Scroll down a little to see the Delete my account option. Click on that and choose the time period after which your account has to be deleted. By default, Telegram has set it to 6 months. If you want to delete it at the earliest, choose 1 month time frame.
  5. Once done, go back and close the Telegram app. Don’t use your telegram account from phone and PC/ Web. If you do not use your account for the time period you selected in step 4, your account will be deleted permanently.

How to Delete Telegram Account on iPhone

The steps to delete the Telegram account on iPhone are listed below. It almost the same as in Android.

  1. Launch the Telegram app and go to Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy and Security.
  3. Scroll down and select the If Away for option.
  4. Now choose 1 month (or the time period you wish). Once you do this and exit the app and don’t use it for one month. After one month your account will be successfully deleted.

How to Delete Telegram Account using Browser

Usually, it requires at least a month for deleting your account if you do the same from mobile phones. But if you need an urgent deactivation of your account, you can use this method from any web browser.

Follow the below steps to deactivate or delete the telegram account right away.

  1. At first, head over to the official deactivation page on the Telegram website. This can be done via both mobile and PC.
  2. Type the mobile number (with country code) by which your Telegram account was created. Click Next.
  3. Telegram will now send a confirmation code to your account in the Telegram app (not to the mobile number).
  4. In the message, you will see the code. Just copy it. The message will be something like this:
  5. Go back to the telegram website and paste the code in the field provided and click the Sign in button.
  6. Once you signed in, you will see the account management options. Click on the Delete account option there.
  7. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of your account with a message. You can also give a reason for the account deletion if you want. Then click on Delete My Account.
  8. You will be served with a pop-up message for final confirmation. If you are sure, then click on Yes, delete my account.
  9. Your telegram account will be deleted now and the data won’t be available in the Telegram application.

Please note that if you delete your telegram account, all your chat data will be deleted beyond retrieval. So be careful if you proceed with the deletion of your account. If you only want to delete the messages, simply do it from the telegram app. Delete the account only if you are sure about the consequences thereafter.

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