Best Games to Play on School Chromebook

Let’s face it – school can get boring. With all the work you are expected to complete at school, finding time for fun activities can be challenging. Even though your school-issued Chromebook is for educational use only, that doesn’t mean you can’t play games on it. Playing games on your school Chromebook can be a great way to take a break from all that studying and assignment writing.

Fortunately, you can play plenty of cool games on your school Chromebook (even if it is restricted), so you don’t have to suffer through academics all day long. In this article, we’ll list some of the best fun games to play on a school Chromebook to help you have a break from school activities and keep your mind active. So let’s dive into the list.

Best Free Games to Play on School Chromebooks


krunker io chromebook game is one of the best browser games available for free to play right now. It’s a tactical first-person shooter game unblocked with thousands of players across the globe. The game is based on voxel and has simple graphics, just like Roblox or Minecraft.

In the gameplay, up to eight people usually join in a lobby and shoot each other to death. You may use guns, rocket launchers, Uzi, etc. in the game, and still, there is not much bloodshed or violence. So you can peacefully play the game and have some fun.

Play Krunker: Server 1 | Server 2


agar io mmo game for chromebook is a simple yet addictive game that can be played on a school-issued Chromebook when your administrator blocks classic titles. It is a massively multiplayer online action game (MMO) where the gameplay is quite simple; you need to protect your cell from being engulfed by others having more giant cells, and you must increase the mass and eat other players to win the game.

Though it seems pretty simple, once you start playing, you’ll see that the game is addictive irrespective of its even simple graphics and game mechanics. While other similar games are available with slightly different gameplay, stands out and continues to be a favorite game of online gamers.

Play Server 1 | Server 2

3. Arcane Legends

arcane legends chromebook games for school

Arcane Legends is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that you can play on your browser without needing any expensive gaming setup. You can choose a role in the game and build your character in a fantasy world. The game opens in an abandoned land where you need to survive anyway. In your journey through the land, you must fight with other players to collect points and rewards.

The remarkable thing about the game is that it has intensive graphics and still comes as a web game. Arcane Legends is a must-play game as this is one of the satisfying games you can play for free.

Play Arcane Legends

4. Prince of Persia

prince of persia game

Prince of Persia is an old-school game still in the hearts of 90s kids. It’s a fantasy game initially developed for Apple computers in 1989. The game represented a great leap forward in the quality of graphics and animations seen in video games those days. Due to the tremendous response, the game has been ported to several other platforms, including Windows, and later into a flash game.

If you grew tired of the academic sessions at school, give this game a try on your Chromebook. You require nothing except an internet connection and a browser.

Play Prince of Persia

5. T-Rex Run (Chrome Dino)

t rex run chrome dino game

The T-Rex dinosaur game is a native game of the Google Chrome browser, and you don’t require even an internet connection on your Chromebook. So how do you access this game?

Generally, the game will open itself when the internet connection is cut off. But there is a hidden address to access the game on the browser. Just open Chrome, type the address chrome://dino/ in a new tab and hit enter. There you go!

6. T-Rex Run 3D (Dinosaur game)

t rex run 3d dinosaur game for chrome

If you already know and are bored of playing the original dinosaur game, how about trying a colored 3D version of the game with improved graphics? Well, that’s what exactly the T-Rex 3D is.

The game is a remake inspired by the popular Chrome Dino game you know from the Google Chrome browser.

Play T-Rex Run 3D: Server 1 | Server 2

7. Google Stadia

google stadia game streaming platform

Stadia is not a single game but a cloud gaming platform from Google. While Stadia provides many paid games, it still has a handful of free games you can play on your browser.

The game streaming platform lets you play various games, from high graphics RPGs to incredible AAA titles, without the need for any high-end hardware. Since the game uses Google’s high-speed servers, everything works smoothly in your browser. But you require a high-quality internet connection for this to work on your low-end school Chromebook.

Visit Google Stadia

8. Town of Salem

town of salem browser game

Town of Salem is the largest online version of the Werewolf, a social deduction party game with millions of players. In the gameplay, players are assigned random roles and belong to teams of an informed minority and an uninformed majority. You need to eliminate others to take control of the town. If you are the killer, try not to get caught by others.

Play Town of Salem

9. Atari Breakout

atari breakout game for school chromebook

Atari breakout is a simple arcade game where you must destroy different layers of bricks arranged in the top third of the screen by repeatedly bouncing a ball off a paddle. You can control the paddle using your mouse, and the position of the paddle where you make the ball the ball bounce off from determines its direction. Your goal is to destroy all the bricks without the ball going down the screen.

Now you can play the breakout game right from your browser without downloading anything. It’s an excellent game for Chromebooks to have some fun with.

Play Atari Breakout

10. Tic-Tac-Toe

google tic tac toe game

Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the simplest games you can play on your Chromebook. It’s actually an online version of the classic paper-and-pencil game that we used to play on the last pages of our school notebooks—the game with lots of Xs and Os. The player who successfully places his symbol in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row in a 3 x 3 grid wins the game.

If you want to recollect those memories and play the same game on your Chromebook, you have the chance. You can play with either your friend or the computer. In the single-player mode, the computer will be your opponent.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe: Google game | Third-party server

11. Solitaire

google solitaire browser based game

Solitaire is a Google game that you can directly play on your browser by searching “Solitaire” on google search. It’s a delightful solitaire version from Google that’s perfect for players who love simple yet exciting games.

The game is based on the Klondike-style gameplay formula that’s been around in old solitaire games since the title first surfaced. Though there is no tutorial for the beginner player, it’s not a big deal to get into.

Play Google Solitaire

12. Interland

google interland game be the awesome

If you are looking for a Chromebook game for your kid with adventure gameplay, then Interland from Google is the one you must consider. It’s more than just a game for kids; it helps children be aware of online safety and privacy. In my opinion, it’s a must-play game for every child so that they can enjoy the mood of playing a game while gaining some knowledge that benefits their future.

The game presents interactive multiple-choice questions about internet safety and online privacy while offering interactive transitions, animations, and basic game mechanics.

Play Interland


slither io browser game for school chromebook

Slither is another excellent 3D alternative for in which the player takes the avatar of a snake. The game’s objective is to grow the longest snake on the server. The player can grow the snake by eating multi-colored pellets from other players and ones that naturally appear in the game.

Slither combines the old classic snake game and the popular game concept. If you like, then you’ll definitely like Slither, as it adds fun while being reminiscent of the ever-loved snake game.



wilds io browser game

If you are looking for a browser-based arena game that incorporates the elements of role-playing and arcade action fighting, this is the one you are looking for. The play opens by pushing you out into the wild, where you must defend yourself from all kinds of wild creatures like monsters, bears, bots, and other players.

The game offers one of the deepest combat mechanics among io games that are easy to understand but takes skill to learn for good. You can play solo style or join one of the teams. The game seems to be a bit laggy at times, but still, it’s a fun-filled game to play when you are tired and want to freshen up your mind.


15. Wordle

wordle browser game

Wordle is a trendy word game that took the internet by storm. It was developed by James Wardle and later acquired by the New York Times Company and incorporated into their website. Wordle is a free and fun game that presents a puzzle every day.

If you have a thing about word games, Wordle is the best bet for you. It tests your vocabulary while being addictive and exciting in terms of the gameplay. But the only downside of the original game is that you are limited to playing a single game a day, and you need to wait for 24 hours to get access to the next puzzle. But wait! you can get rid of this limitation. You can use the Wordle archive to play unlimited wordles on the go.

Now, if you want to explore other games similar to Wordle, have a look at our article on that.

Play Today’s Wordle

16. Fallen London

fallen london browser game

Fallen London is an interactive browser-based game that can be played on your Chromebook. In the game, players take the role of a newcomer to the underground London and take on odd side jobs while engaging in an arduous search for the secrets of the underground city.

Play Fallen London

17. Town Scraper

townscraper web game

If you are looking for something satisfying and relaxing to play with, Town Scraper is the one for you. It’s kind of a web toy by which you build and paint your own seaside vacation spot. All you need is to pick your favorite colors from the palette provided on the screen and click on the desired areas to build and renovate your building.

With its incredibly soothing music and elegant graphics, it provides you with a different feel. Probably you won’t feel like a game but a go-to program when you are tired or stressed.

Play Town Scraper

18. Pac-Man

google pacman web game

Pac man is an arcade game released back in the 1980s. The game’s popularity encouraged developers to create its web version so everyone could play it on their computers. On its 30th birthday, Google also introduced its version as a playable doodle that could be accessed directly on its homepage.

The objective of the game is to eat all the dots placed in the maze without getting caught by four colored ghosts wandering through the maze. If you want to rediscover some of your 8-bit memories or meet Pac-Man for the first time, click on the links and head over to the game.

Play Pac-Man: Google version | Original version

19. 2048 Game

2048 game for chromebook

If you are a numerophile, this game is for you! 2048 is a fun and easy number puzzle game in which you need to get 2048 in any tile in a 4 x 4 grid. It seems easy and not so intricate gameplay, and all you need is to use arrow keys to merge the tiles with the same numbers.

The game’s challenge is achieving 2048 is the least number of moves. This is one of the best games to play on Chromebook at school with your friends and challenge each other. It’s fun and time-killing while also letting you use a bit of your brain.

Play 2048: Server 1 | Server 2

20. Sudoku Puzzle

sudoku puzzle

Here’s another number game based on logical and combinational number placement. In Sudoku, the aim is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each row, each column, and the 3×3 subgrids should have all the numbers from 1 to 9.

In the game, initially, you get a partially filled grid where you need to complete it logically. The game is still featured in newspapers in various countries, including the US and India, showing its popularity.

Play Sudoku: Server 1 | Server 2

21. Semantris

semantris google game

Last but not least, Semantris is a set of word association games powered by machine learning. Google released the game by training on billions of word combinations and conversations taken from the internet. The AI-based game can accurately predict which words, phrases, and even sentences might come next in a conversation.

The game has two modes of play – arcade and blocks. The arcade mode is time-bound, where you must type a word, or phrase combination with the word in question before the stack of words touches the roof. The block made lets you take your time and fill the words by tackling them.

Play Google Semantris

Bonus: GameSnacks (120+ Games)

gamesnacks web-based gaming platform

GameSnacks is a free platform for casual HTML5 web-based games that load quickly on any device and network. It’s a marvelous initiative from Google that lets people play bite-sized games right from their browser without requiring any extra hardware while consuming fewer data.

The platform has no limitations, so you can play anywhere at anytime as much as you want. They have a sizeable collection of over 120 fun games. And the best part? These are not just for the sake of 120 games – each one on the platform is absolutely enjoyable.

Visit GameSnacks

Still didn’t find an exciting game for you? Check out our collection of over 150 unblocked games for school to cope with boredom.

Best Chromebook Games To Unwind From Academics

We know how much time goes into completing assignments, studying for tests, and meeting with teachers; nevertheless, everyone needs a break now and then. Luckily, playing games on your school Chromebook is an excellent way to do so while simultaneously sharpening your mind and having some fun.

If you find these games exciting and entertaining, feel free to drop a comment below, and don’t forget to mention your favorites too.

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