How to Bypass Linkvertise Ads and Open Links Instantly

The best methods to get past Linkvertise ads instantly.

how to bypass linkvertise ads

We understand how annoying it is to go through a series of ad redirects and complete offers before you can see the actual link. The whole thing can become a really tiring task when you need to download something or see a video quickly. But fortunately, we have a few methods to bypass Linkvertise and open links without going through those ads and waiting.

This article will show you how to download from Linkvertise on Android, iPhone, and PC using some bypass websites. But before we dive into the meat of the article, let’s see what Linkvertise actually is.


What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is a platform that lets users shorten their links and get paid by sharing these links on different online platforms, including social media. If people get past the shortened links and watch advertisements, the creator earns a certain amount in their account.

How to Bypass Linkvertise?

The best way to bypass Linkvertise is to use a bypass website that runs custom scripts to get through Linkvertise ad links.

Here are a few Linkvertise bypass websites to open links without ads.

1. TheBypasser

thebypasser linkvertise bypass website

TheBypasser holds the best script to instantly skip Linkvertise and all of their domains’ ad links for free. With this ad-link bypasser, all you need to do is open your browser (Chrome or Firefox), paste the link you want to bypass, and hit the BYPASS AD-LINK button.

In addition to the main script, it comes with two other bypassers that you can use if you encounter any issues with the main version. One thing you need to ensure is to disable any Adblock extensions in the browser.


linkvertise bypass vip is another good Linkvertise bypasser website that you can use. But apart from linkvertise, the website supports a wide range of URL shorteners and ad links such as,, ,etc. Subscription plans are also available to unlock specific sites if you want them.

What makes it a great Linkvertise downloader is its custom-coded API and an extensive database by which it can bypass most links in under a second.

3. Linkvertise Bypasser

linkvertise bypasser tool

It offers a no-nonsense method to circumvent Linkvertise links to facilitate easy downloads and video streaming without waiting or seeing annoying ads. This bypass tool is created by the developer Nabil on GitHub; a huge shoutout to him. What’s more interesting about the tool is that it doesn’t have a lot of annoying ads and pop-ups, which makes the process easier than other tools.

Get Past Linkvertise Instantly

Though many bypasser tools exist online, the websites mentioned above are the most valuable and popular among users. If you use any of these websites, you don’t require any other hacks, Linkvertise premium, or bypass extensions to accomplish your task. So make use of these websites and have fun. Also, feel free to mention if you find an even better bypass website.


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