WhatsApp Video Upload Quality Feature

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used and popular platforms for text messaging owned by Facebook. Users are doing everything available out there from casual text messages to professional discussions. But are you tired of WhatsApp lowering the media quality? Well, you may answer it ‘Yes’. But there is a piece of good news! The new Whatsapp video upload quality feature will let you maintain the original quality of your videos while sharing.

This lowering of image quality is one of the main reasons why most of us refrain from sharing media content in this messenger. You may have clicked the Photograph or Video with your great and powerful mobile cameras but the receiver still gets the media in low quality.

Finally, this issue is getting attention. As per a report from WABetaInfo Facebook is working on a new feature for their users to get rid of the same issue.

WhatsApp Video Upload Quality Can Be Selected Soon

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp for Android beta version has been released with the feature called ‘Video upload quality’ which will allow users to choose which quality they want to pick out for video sharing. Multiple quality options while sending a video as the name of the feature implies.

A screenshot shared by the same source indicates that from now on users will get three different preset options to choose from. Three preset options are given below:

  1. Auto (Recommended)
  2. Best quality
  3. Data saver

The option ‘Auto” is recommended by WhatsApp. Now let’s have a look at what these options do.

WhatsApp Video Upload Quality Feature to Let You Choose Video Quality Before Sharing

  • Auto (Recommended): Depending on its algorithm WhatsApp will be automatically compressing the video.
  • Best quality: The video will be sent by WhatsApp in the best quality possible which means at the highest resolution available.
  • Data saver: WhatsApp will be more focusing on saving your data rather than the video quality.  For those who are not having a high bandwidth network and are fine to share videos in compressed format, this option is well suited for them.

Users who are choosing Auto (Recommended) will have to wait for a long time for the video to reach the receiver on WhatsApp depending on their network speed and hardware they are using. There is no doubt that it will provide an overall enhancement in terms of the resolution to contribute to a better viewing experience. However, there is no word to sure that these options are available while sharing images.

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WhatsApp may bring this supposed feature under ‘Storage and Data settings’. We would like to convey that this feature is currently under the development stage and hopefully will be available through a future update. Currently, the maximum size of a video that can send through WhatsApp is 16MB and we do not know exactly this size limit will continue when the new high-resolution feature appears.

Not only this high-resolution feature under the development stage but also another one which was noticed earlier this week, a ‘View Once’ feature for images and videos that disappear after they are seen. This feature appeared on WhatsApp for Android beta version

So now friends if you are tired of WhatsApp lowering the media quality! Don’t Worry This is set to change very soon. WhatsApp will make its way to the public build in the coming months through a future update.

We’d appreciate it if you can comment your views on the upcoming WhatsApp features. We would like to hear from you.

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