If you don’t know how to change username in Windows 11, here the guide for you. Although it’s very easy to change the username in Windows 11, some people find it difficult to reach the username setting option in the OS. This is common to many people. Since Windows 11 is a new OS with significant changes in the user interface a simple guide with relevant screenshots is needed to explain that.

We are here to help you solve the problem that you are facing with changing the username in Windows 11. Below we have an easy method to change the account name without going into any trouble. The same method can be followed to do the same in Windows 10, Windows 8.

Why You Need to Change Username in Windows 11

It is not mandatory to change the account username (login name) on your PC. It’s just up to the user. If a system is used by more than one person and giving a unique username can help distinguish the account.

How to Change Username in Windows 11

  • Click the search button on the taskbar.
  • Type “control panel” in the search bar. You will get a suggestion to select Control Panel. Click on the Control Panel.

  • In the next window, you just select User Accounts as shown in the figure

  • Choose the user from the list that you would like to change.

  • On the next screen, click on Change the account name link as shown.

  • Type a new user name that you want to add and replace the old one. Once you type, click on the Change name button.

Finally, now you know how to change the login name in Windows 11. Still, if you have trouble with the procedure then let us know through your comments. Most of the users would think these options will be there in the Settings. So, following the above method will save you time.

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