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As we are getting closer to the official public release of Windows 11 many of you are started to think about whether go with Windows 11 Home vs Pro. While wondering about which version to install you may be confused with so many questions like “is Windows 11 Pro really necessary?” or “is opting for Windows 11 Home a good way to save some bucks?”. So this guide is gonna help you. Here is the comparison of Windows 11 Home and Pro editions.

Before going an upgrade to a new OS you have to check whether your PC or laptop supports the same. Microsoft has provided the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will be available through a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 devices and on new devices later this year. A Windows 11 compatibility checker tool (PC Health Check App) had been released by Microsoft for the users to check the Windows 11 compatibility.

But there were some glitches in the tool which shows that the device is not compatible with the OS even on a high-end device with both TPM and Secure Boot security features in addition to the normal requirements. They have recalled the app now and will be released in the future by rectifying the issues.

Now, let’s get detail into the theme.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro Differences

Let’s start with the initiation of both versions, a Microsoft account, and an internet connection are compulsory for the setup of Windows 11 Home whereas Windows 11 Pro does not require that. When we look into additional security and business features Windows 11 Pro offers more features than Windows 11 Home. The fundamental features offered by both are the same,  BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection (WIP) are offered by Windows 11 Pro over the Home version. Thus both of them, in combination, will allow users to lock down a lost or stolen device and help to prevent data leakage.

Windows 11 Home will not be offering any business management or deployment software just like in the case of the Windows 10 Home version. When we look at the case of Windows 11 Pro same as Windows 10 Pro, users will obviously get additional benefits. Access to the Microsoft Store for Business, mobile device management, and the Windows update for the business feature are some of the included benefits.

If you would like to fulfill your business needs or if you are security-conscious you may opt for Windows 11 Pro version to leverage the benefits of the additional features. Furthermore, you will not require either a Microsoft account or an internet connection to install and set up the Pro version. So before making a purchase decision make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements insisted by Microsoft. If they are not met do not worry! We have a workaround for this.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro Comparison

Both versions of Windows 11 have almost the same features in terms of Windows Security, Windows fundamentals. The major differences are coming under Business Management & Deployment features. For better understanding, here is a data table that compares the Home and Pro versions.

Features Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Group Policy No Yes
Mobile Management No Yes
Microsoft Store for Business No Yes
Assigned Access No Yes
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure No Yes
Windows Update for Business No Yes
Dynamic Provisioning No Yes
KIOSK Mode Setup No Yes
Support for Active Directory No Yes
Support for Azure Active Directory No Yes

Windows 11 Home vs Pro for Gaming

The gaming experience on the operating system will get improved since there are many improvements coming to Windows 11 from the Xbox Series X console. In cooperation with console gaming, It will initiate PC gaming as one of the best platforms. Storage performance and graphics quality on games running on the operating system are greatly improved with the two new features from Microsoft coming to the OS. The two new features are Auto HDR mode and DirectStorage support. It takes gaming to a whole new level with graphic capabilities.

Auto HDR mode on Windows 11

The gamers are now able to take advantage of making content inside games more vibrant and realistic with the help of a powerful new tool called Auto HDR.  The new protocol is expected to work for all games that come with support for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The introduction of this technology will be a great boost to the gamers since this tool has been used in Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console.

However, one thing to notice is that you will require an HDR-compatible monitor just like any other HDR content on other platforms in order to display Auto HDR enhanced content.

DirectStorage Support on Windows 11

Solid State Drives (SSDs) use a flash-based memory which is significantly faster is a new generation of storage device used in computers. Games are possible by using the same to improve the read and write speeds. Microsoft will improve performance even further with the help of DirectStorage support with Windows 11. It is a major feature part of its Xbox Velocity Architecture which means that the same benefits that are available on the company’s Xbox Series X console, will also be available for Windows 11 users.

Windows 11 Home edition will be sufficient for normal users. If you are too strict for gaming there is no benefit to stepping up to Pro. The additional features and functionality of the Pro version are heavily focused on business and security even for the case of power users. Since many of these features are available with free alternatives Home edition is very likely to provide everything you need.

There is no appreciable difference between Windows 11 Home and the Pro variant in terms of gaming. You have access to Xbox Game Bar on both editions so you can pick any one of them.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro Performance

We can see performance improvements that come with both Windows 11 Home and Pro versions. First of all boot time is shorter at 13 seconds instead of 16 seconds which is an impressive change to start with and it’s a very good sign for overall performance. Faster logins with Windows Hello, quicker wake from sleep, and faster web browsing are the best examples for improvements.

Windows updates will be 40% smaller and will be happening in the background. Windows 11 is also delivered better efficiency for longer battery life on devices like laptops and tablets.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro RAM Usage

Windows 11 Home supports a maximum of 128GB RAM whereas Pro supports a whopping 2TB RAM. Unless you run a large number of virtual machines the RAM support limit on the Home version is not going to exceed any time soon. Also, both versions use more or less the same amount of RAM.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro: Which is Faster?

Both Windows 11 Home and Pro are faster and performative. They generally differ based on core features and not on performance output. However, keep in mind Windows 11 Home is slightly lighter than Pro because of the lack of many system tools.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro Price

Now, let’s look into the major part where everyone is eagerly waiting for! Yes, it’s the Price. Windows 11 Home will cost you $139 while Windows 11 Pro is available for $221 to $306 depending on core features and your requirements. We can expect Windows 11 Pro to retail for around $82 more expensive than Windows 11 Home. Windows 11 will be available through a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 devices.

Which One Are You Gonna Purchase? Windows 11 Home or Pro!

So now you are available with the best data to analyze the major differences and comparison with Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro versions. What else do you require? We will say absolutely nothing. So why wait! hurry to get started. If you are looking towards an average use that includes general routine works Windows 11 Home is more than enough for you but if you are a power user or business user that needs extra security and additional features it’s worth spending some more bucks and goes for the Pro version. Also, if you are a professional in software development then Pro offers much more than the Home edition.

So I hope that you are now clear about the two different editions of Windows 11 and know what is suitable for your needs. Do let us know which edition you are going to choose. Will it be Home or Pro? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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